What is a reportbot and why do I need it?

A reportbot allows you to mass-report cheaters in CS:GO. This is useful because a minimum of 11 reports in 21 hours is needed to bring a player into overwatch. As a result, cheaters could fully avoid beeing overwatched if they played only one match per day as there are only 9 players who can report. In this case mass-reporting is useful to reach the critical amount of reports.

How do I use the reportbot?

Go to the report page, enter the suspect`s SteamID64 in the upper field and press report.

What players should you report?

We recommend to only report very blatant cheaters which are continously wallbanging, spinbotting or similar. In the end overwatchers will decide the cases and they are not overly skilled in spotting cheaters.

When should I report a suspect?

You can ether report a suspect during the ongoing match or after the match is finished. From my personal experience I recommend reporting (almost instantly, not waiting too long) after the match finished. If you report during the ongoing match, there is a chance that the game before gets into overwatch. Take this with a grain of salt as it is based on my personal experience but others` experiences differ. Do whatever works for you.

How likely is it, that reported cheaters get banned?

To be honest, that`s almost completely up to yourself and your experience with CS:GO and Valve`s overwatch system. If you know how to use it corretly, ban chances are very high, proven by many of our customers and ourselfs having banrates of 90-100 %. However, if you report the "wrong" players, your personal banrate will suffer.

A cheater I reported wasn`t banned. Why?

First, allow at least 24-48 hours after the match to see results. If he`s not banned after that period of time there are various possibilities:

He was not blatant enough. This is the main reason from our experience and it`s why we recommend to report only very blatant cheaters. Keep in mind that valve is very cautious with their overwatch system and if there are overwatchers with even the slightest doubts it might not result in a ban. Also some overwatchers might be cheaters theirselves and might submit false judgements on purpose in the overwatch.

The player played more than one match in 24 hours and therefore he might already have been in overwatch while he`s playing against you.

He didn`t cheat continously enough. For example, if someone starts raging at the very end of the match and played legit before, chances that he gets banned are much lower.